Right Weigh Exterior Bluetooth Digital Load Scale – 2 HCV Valve

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PART NO : SP0355

Right Weigh’s Bluetooth enabled Exterior Digital scale with dual air inputs will provide on-ground weight measurement for a dedicated tractor & trailer set that both have a single height control valve air suspension system; or a single axle group with a dual height control valve air suspension system.


  • Bluetooth enabled scales that display the weight on your Smartphone through our app. Android and iOS compatible.
  • Operating range is -40°F to 140°F (-40C to +60C)
  • Displays axle group weight using pressure sensor technology
  • Mounted in a black, polypropylene enclosure designed to resist outdoor weather conditions
  • Empty and loaded weight calibration
  • Overweight protection alert
  • Displays weight in LBS or KG
  • Optional 5 digit PIN lock-out code setting
  • Automatic power-down after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Large readable LCD display screen
  • Simple installation and calibration processes
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Max height control valves: 2

Max axle groups monitored: 2

Max axles / axle group:

  • 1 axle group, 2 HCV
  • 2 axle groups, 2 HCV
  • 3 axle groups, 2 HCV
  • 4 axle groups, 2 HCV

Weight Display Options: Drive / Trailer

Weather resistant enclosure: Yes

Bluetooth Enabled: Yes

Warranty: 3 Years

Fitting Guide:
Using a basic T-fitting and an extra air line, our scales monitor the fluctuation in air pressure of the air suspension system to display on-the-ground weight.

The picture below illustrates the scale installed on an air suspension system with an axle group that is monitored by one height control valve. For axle groups that are monitored by two height control valves from left to right, two air lines are needed to install the scale.



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