Right Weigh 2.5″ Interior Mechanical Display / 21,000kg – Black Bezel


Original price was: $456.50.Current price is: $385.00.


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Original price was: $456.50.Current price is: $385.00.

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PART NO : SP0338

Designed for mounting in the truck dash panel, inside the cab. The gauge will fit any standard 2 1/16 inch gauge hole. This scale can monitor air suspension single or tandem axle groups monitored by one height control valve, commonly a tractor’s tandem drives. For dedicated tractor and trailer, a second interior load scale can be used to determine the weight of the trailer tandems using a quick connect between the tractor and trailer. For a drive axle with two height control valves, a supplementary valve called the dual height control valve is necessary for connection. Each interior dash scale comes with a 7-color LED black light.

Bezel Colour: Black

SUITS: Single & Tandem HCV

Max height control valves: 1

Max axle groups monitored: 1

Max axles / axle group: 2

Weight Display Options: Axle Group Weight

Mount Type: In-dash

Max Weight Displayed: 21,000kg

Warranty: 3 Years

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