P3 Powerlube 20kg Grease Kit


PART NO : P3-01C ​ The POWERLUBE™ is a premium quality, reliable, 50:1 air-operated pneumatic greasing system that is excellent... read more


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Original price was: $1,430.00.Current price is: $1,265.00.

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PART NO : P3-01C

The POWERLUBE™ is a premium quality, reliable, 50:1 air-operated pneumatic greasing system that is excellent for high volume grease users that have many applications and require continuous high pressure greasing. This portable grease dispensing system is suitable for 20kg pails and is equipped with a low air consumption motor that doesn’t need to be lubricated due to the use of modern polymer materials. Users will save on power and the oily mist and mess associated with air operated equipment is gone. Suitable for underground coal mine applications.

Technical Specifications

  • P3001 (50:1) Air-operated pump
  • Maximum pump output pressure: 51,700kPa (7,500psi)
  • Maximum gun output pressure: 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
  • Compatible with 20kg (or similar size) pails
  • 4m x 6mm ID delivery hose
  • Output 460g/min (at pump)
  • Grease viscosity up to NLGI No.2
  • Wetted components – Zinc, hard chrome-plated carbon steel, brass, Nitrile and polyurethane rubber
  • Maximum air pressure: 150psi
  • Minimum air pressure: 60psi
  • Air inlet: 1/4″ NPT (F)
  • Pump outlet: 1/4″ NPT (F)
  • Minimum compressor size: 0.08m³/min (3cfm)

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable collar system – Allows adjustment to different height grease pails.
  • Zinc components – For underground mining compatibility
  • Air-operated system with up to 460g/min grease delivery – Fast, efficient greasing.
  • Non-corroding air motor design – No air line lubricator required. Easy and low cost to repair
  • 50:1 ratio air motor – Instant delivery of up to 50 times applied air pressure
  • Quiet air motor design – Meets all industry noise level standards
  • 4m high pressure grease hose – Extra hose length for easier access to difficult applications.
  • B2 Booster Gun – Boosts greasing pressure up to 10,000psi when required. (Helps clear blocked nipples or frozen fittings).
  • 360° ZSB Swivel – Improves manoeverability and offers easier one handed operation
  • KY Supergrip 3 jaw high pressure coupler – Positive no leak connection ensures grease gets to the bearing.
  • Rubber edged follower plate – Wipes container clean to use all of the grease in the container, prevents air pockets and contamination
  • Fully sealed greasing system with in-built grease strainer – Clean grease to the bearing every time
  • Range of push on / quick release greasing accessories available – Increased versatility / flexibility for different applications
  • Fully repairable – Provides a longer service life
  • Optional TR5 trolley available – Ease of moving product to application

Package Includes

  • P3001 pump unit
  • Lid & rubber edged follower plate
  • B2 booster gun
  • KY Supergrip coupler
  • ZSB high pressure swivel
  • 4m high pressure grease hose


• P3-01C Instruction Manual

• P3-01C Product Sheet

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