Metric Tube to Male Pipe Thread – 90º Swivel Elbow

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Our DOT push-in fittings are strong, lightweight, impact resistant and save up to 75% in assembly time comparedto conventional fittings.... read more




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Our DOT push-in fittings are strong, lightweight, impact resistant and save up to 75% in assembly time compared
to conventional fittings. These meet D.O.T. FMVSS 571.106 Air Brake Performance Requirements;
SAE J1131, J2494-1 & J2494-3 Air Brake Performance Requirements.
Fittings are designed to handle 200 psi working pressure.


6mm M10 ABM69510S
6mm M12 ABM69511S
6mm M16 ABM69512S
6mm M22 ABM69513S
6mm 1/8″ ABM69515S
6mm 1/4″ ABM69516S
6mm 3/8″ ABM69517S
6mm 1/2″ ABM69518S
8mm M12 ABM69521S
8mm M16 ABM69522S
8mm 1/8″ ABM69525S
8mm 1/4″ ABM69526S
8mm 3/8″ ABM69527S
8mm 1/2″ ABM69528S
10mm M12 ABM69531S
10mm M16 ABM69532S
10mm M22 ABM69533S
10mm 1/2″ ABM69535S
10mm 1/4″ ABM69536S
10mm 3/8″ ABM69537S
12mm M12 ABM69541S
12mm M16 ABM69542S
12mm M22 ABM69543S
12mm 1/4″ ABM69546S
12mm 3/8″ ABM69547S
12mm 1/2″ ABM69548S
16mm M22 ABM69553S


  • Positive Seal – Tube support area beyond “O” ring exceeds that of all competitive products, compensates for bias cut tubing and dramatically reduces troubleshooting time.
  • Swivel and Fixed Elbows and Tees – Convenient swivel threaded fittings that allow close center line installation, eliminating orientation problems. Fixed fittings offer the utmost in economy.
  • Thread Sealant – Pre-applied at no charge to all AQSeries male threads. Thread Sealant: Loctite® 516 standard.


  • Air brakes
  • Air tanks
  • Air ride
  • Sliders
  • Tire inflation
  • Primary & secondary air lines

DOT push-in fittings are designed for easy use and fast installation.

To connect tube:
Cut the plastic tubing as squarely as possible. Insert the tube into the fitting until you feel the friction as the tube slides past the O-ring. (Using a slight twisting motion while inserting the tube often helps.) Once you feel this friction, continue to push the tube inward until it bottoms firmly against the internal tube stop.

To disconnect tube:
With thumb and forefinger, hold the top of the insert down against the fitting body and, with the other hand, pull out the tubing. No tools are needed.

  • When tubing (1) is inserted into the fitting, the inside diameter passes over
    the brass tube support (2).
  • This, combined with the action of the gripper, insures that the air brake
    hose assembly will safely exceed the tensile requirements of FMVSS-106.
  • The tubing then passes through the gripping teeth (3).
  • The tubing continues beyond the gripping teeth through the inside diameter of
    the lubricated “O” ring (4) which seals on the outside diameter of the tubing.
  • The gripping teeth grab the tube. Pulling back on the tube only tightens the grip
    on the tubing as the insert moves onto the camming surface (5).
  • Pressure through the tube also serves to tighten the grip.
  • The tube bottoms against a positive tube stop (6) in a cavity which keeps tube
    round toprevent leakage.

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